In person classes are back and we still have online classes
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Corporate Services

Corporate programs:

Does your company have clients or collaborators in France? Is France a new market for your activity?
Then you need to speak French in order to improve your chance of success.
We have 2 main types of programs: language and culture.

* Language Instruction
• Private Instruction for up to 3 collaborators
• Corporate French classes.

* Cultural Consulting
• Relocation Seminars
• Cultural Business Seminars
• Executive Coaching

Corporate Group Instruction is language training specifically tailored to the needs of a group of co-workers or team members. It is an economical way to provide language instruction for those who are at similar levels and who have the same needs and objectives. We come to your offices when it is more convenient for you. We will work with your schedule and help you decide what program will be best for your objectives. Team members meet in groups of up to 12 individuals, ensuring everyone has the opportunity for personal attention and group participation.